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Plan with Asana, Organize with Dropbox and Implement with Aweber

What You Will Learn & Do!

Plan with Asana

Getting started with Asana is easy and this training will take you by the hand showing you how to quickly add projects and dated tasks that will move you and your business forward.

The results will allow you to replicate creating an Aweber list and signup form ANY time you need it for building your email list!

Organize with Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to access your content from any computer and helps you organize it in the cloud and as a safe backup solution.

Implement with Aweber

Quickly learn how an Aweber email list and signup form is created for your opt-in/squeeze/landing page that offers a free something of your choice.

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  • What You Will Learn and Do Video (11 minutes)
  • Required Downloadable Checklist

Pilot Session


  • Introduction-July 18, 2018 (5 minutes)
  • Plan With Asana (26 minutes)
  • Organize With Dropbox (28 minutes)
  • Organize With Dropbox-Part 2 (9 minutes)
  • Implement With Aweber (30 minutes)
  • Resources & Original Videos (11 minutes)
  • November 2017-Live Asana, Dropbox and Aweber Recorded Training (151 minutes)

Next Live Session Included Free

  • August 8, 2018 at 12 Noon Eastern

About Your Trainer

Anita Johnson

Anita Johnson

Computer Assistant & Technical Trainer

When I had traditional employment, I worked with countless lawyers for over 30 years. Since 2007, I have been virtually assisting Internet Marketers with their online presence and businesses.  My computer expertise is extensive, and I am a constant and avid learner.  

My passion is helping other computer users fully understand what they are doing and why.  My gift is being able to communicate seemingly complex tasks into simple actionable steps because computer usage is nothing more than memory and repetition, and my memory is absolutely phenomenal!

You can learn more about how I may assist you at: 

and contact me at:


If you are just getting started in an online business, you want to learn from Anita Johnson, an expert trainer, who takes the complicated and makes it easy, quick and simple. I finally understand Asana, Dropbox and Aweber. Get it done right, the first time with this training!
Georgia Lee London
Any individual piece would have been worth my time for the great delivery of the information which was provided. You brought the pieces together flawlessly to show others how to take your outline thoughts, create a plan, place all the necessary pieces into a DropBox account for a give away offer which can be accessed anywhere, and concluding with a completed process for an opt-in mail subscription for building your email list complete with the form to acquire the information.
Leigh Scheidell


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