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Having a computer is a lot like having a car. Both have become mainstream necessities, and we buy and use them without really knowing more than the basic operation of each.  What we do not take time to learn is the necessary "housekeeping" and required maintenance.

For instance, when you buy a car, you do so for a variety of reasons. And once you start driving it, you do little more than put gas it in to keep it moving.  If you're really conscientious or on top of things, you may even remember that it needs an oil change every 3 months or 3,000 miles (depending on the manufacturer), and maybe wash and vacuum it, every now and again.

New cars come with an Owner's Manual, yet few people spend time reading through it. And many more totally ignore the recommended routine maintenance schedule that MUST be done if the intention is to keep the car running at its best over time.

Having a computer is similar and really no different.  You buy it for any number of reasons and when you start using it, you do whatever it is you bought it for.  But no one really told you how to efficiently accomplish tasks, take basic care of how your computer operates, or how best to locate the information stored on it.  

Back in the day, there were printed User Manuals.  Today, you click the ? icon or press F1 to search the "Help files" for any software on your computer.  

Yet many people don't know that, or are not aware that ALL the information they could possibly ever want to know IS accessible from somewhere, if they only knew where to look.

And unfortunately, there are people who have been using their computers for years, but who know little more about its operation than when they first bought it.

No doubt these people may feel as though they do not truly understand what they have at their fingertips.  And they may not know how to utilize what they have on their computer, or do so in a more efficient manner than how they use it right now. 

That's WHY this unique training:  "Let's Organize and Clean Up Your Computer" is your invitation to learn how to do basic housekeeping and required maintenance on your own computer so you are effectively and efficiently using it (and replacements) for years to come.

How Well Do You Know Your Computer?

This Training Will Help You!

Can You Quickly Locate Whatever Is Saved on Your Computer?

Or do you spend more time than you care to looking for something you KNOW you saved but don't remember where?

Is Your Desktop Covered with Icons and Shortcuts Rarely Used?

Would you like to have some semblance of organization that makes more sense than what you may have going on right now?

Would You Like to Develop a Simple System to Help Easily Find Any File?

Learn my best suggestions and recommendations to make your computer life less stressful and more efficient.

  • Learn where your files and programs are located and how to quickly find them

  • Learn how to clear off your desktop and efficiently name files so you can easily locate them again!


What's Covered For You To Do

  • 1


    • Questions for You - 8:26 Minutes

    • Let's Get Started - 7:20 Minutes

  • 2

    The Desktop

    • Desktop, Start Menu and File Explorer - 7:37 Minutes

    • Desktop Icons and Shortcuts - 5:17 Minutes

  • 3

    Screen Share Demo 1

    • Your Turn . . .

    • Demo 1-Desktop Icons & Shortcuts - 5:18 Minutes

  • 4

    File Explorer

    • Find Everything with File Explorer - 6:53 Minutes

  • 5

    Screen Share Demo 2

    • Demo 2-File Explorer - 4:30 Minutes

  • 6

    Screen Share Demo 3

    • Demo 3-File Extensions - 6:29 Minutes

  • 7

    Screen Share Demo 4

    • Demo 4-Folder Options-Unhide Extensions - 2:02 Minutes

  • 8

    Screen Share Demo 5

    • Demo 5-Changing Views in File Explorer - 3:06 Minutes

  • 9

    Screen Share Demo 6

    • Demo 6-Delete-Search-Rename-Move - 9:47 Minutes

  • 10

    Recycle Bin

    • Screen Share Demo 7 - 6:09 Minutes

  • 11

    Control Panel

    • Screen Share Demo 8 - Locate To Uninstall a Program - 6:00 Minutes

    • Screen Share Demo 9 - Add to Taskbar for Easy Access - 3:08

  • 12

    Disk Clean Up

    • Disk Clean Up - :31 Seconds

    • Screen Share Demo 10 - Deleting Temporary and System Files - 3:24 Minutes

    • Resource Links

  • 13

    Internet Maintenance

    • Your Browsers - 1:58 Minutes

  • 14

    Do You Have Questions?

    • Let's Talk - 1:00 Minute

  • 15

    Gifts For You

    • Two Gifts For You For Finishing! - 3:16 Minutes

  • 16

    Thank You!

    • Your Interest is Appreciated - :47 Seconds

  • 17

    Original Recording Introduction with 22 Page Transcript

    • Free Conference Call Introduction Recording - 4:30 Minutes

    • Unedited Transcript Generated for FREE

About Your Trainer

Computer Assistant & Technical Trainer

Anita Johnson

In my offline, traditional employment life, I worked with lawyers for over 30 years. Since 2007, I have been virtually assisting Internet Marketers with their online presence and businesses.  My computer expertise is extensive, and I am a constant and avid learner.  My passion is helping other computer users fully understand what they are doing and why.  My gift is being able to communicate seemingly complex tasks into simple actionable steps because computer usage is nothing more than memory and repetition, and my memory is absolutely phenomenal!You can learn more about how I may assist you at: http://ExpertHelpDeskSupport.com and contact me at:


Georgia Lee London

This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.

Georgia Lee London

Hey all, I highly recommend this to kick your 2019 off to a GREAT start!

Georgia Lee London

If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!


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